JOSEPHINE No 2 wins wine glass test in VINUM Magazine

Photo: Linda Pollari

VINUM Magazine Test

Experts panel tests universal glasses with 6 different types of wines

For its current issue, VINUM magazine for wine culture, a panel of experts tested universal glasses. Six wines, seven expert panelists, twelve different universal glasses and one clear test winner: the JOSEPHINE No 2 by Josephinenhütte. The thin mouth-blown bravura piece was created by glass designer Kurt Josef Zalto.

JOSEPHINE No 2 convinces with sensory quality

The test focused primarily on the versatility of the universal glasses. For this reason, six different types of wines were tasted, ranging from sparkling wine to aged red wine and sweet wine.
In the test, the experts assessed how the wines presented themselves in terms of their sensory quality from the respective glasses. A 20-point system was used to evaluate the wines, resulting in the final ranking. With 18 points, JOSEPHINE No 2 took the winning spot.

Kurt Josef Zalto – a visionary glass designer in sixth generation

“I am incredibly proud of the score. Making glass has been my life. When I took over my family's glassworks, I set out with a vision to create the archetype wine glass. A new glass shape that makes wines shine like no glass before” said Kurt Josef Zalto.

The Josephinenhütte kink wins

“When the wine is agitated in the glass, the kink breaks this movement and allows the wine to flow back into the belly in a spiral motion. In doing so, it absorbs additional oxygen, revealing a wine's qualities in an almost concise manner.”

– VINUM Magazine